Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Say What?

I would like to thank my buddy, the King of Nicknames, for his suggestion for this post. I won't say his real name, but if any of you know Skeet, Skeeter P, Hoops, the One Under Wonder, the Crazy Train, or D, you know who to thank for this post.

I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp of the English language. And part of that grasp includes being up on the latest and greatest in hip phrases and buzz words. However, one new word has me stumped. That word is "redonckulous" (pronounced re-DONCK-u-lous). I had to do some research to find out more about this word.

From English class at A. C. Reyonlds High School, I know that the "re-" prefix means to do something again (as in rerun). So, we can infer that
"redonckulous" means that something is "donckulous" for at least the 2nd time. This begs the question, "How does one donckulous in the first place?" I'm glad you asked.

Donckulous is derived from it's root word "donck", an Irish word meaning "to express". Over the years, mostly due to the constant changing in the British Isles, the word came to mean "to express one's admiration." Therefore, if one were to repeatedly express how great they thought something was they would be re-doncking.

It wasn't until the Industrial Revolution brought thousands of rural farmers into the cities that the word was merged with the word "fabulous" and the term "redonckulous" was born. Thaddeus Morganroth, who most historians consider the father of the modern sweat shop, made the term famous when he told Queen Mary the 45th or something, "Your Majesty, I feel that you will find the stitch work on my new line of petticoats most redonckulous."


  1. Thanks for clearing that one up. -"D"

  2. Your analysis was quite redonckulous.-"D"