Saturday, October 17, 2009

$0,000 Blogfan Challenge Update

Hey all you readers out there!

Here's an update on the $0,000 Blogfan Challenge. We posted a while back that the color coded clue, when found and unscrambled, came out to:

Clue 1- All words found and unscrambled
"It's another one of what you've been reading..."

Clue 2- All words found and unscrambled
"Circus men who eat too much. Big pants, large shoes and lots of blush."

As no one has won the magazine subscription yet, here's a little more help.

The answer to Clue 1 is: a blog
The answer to Clue 2 is: fat clowns

So, go on over to, take on the final piece of the puzzle, and win that magazine subscription! Good luck!

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