Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Dream of Ninjas

I dreamed a dream of ninjas, of throwing stars and swords

There were so many ninjas that they could be called a horde

They were sneaking in the shadows, they were lurking in the dark

They were waiting for the moment when they could kill their mark

Their swords were sharp as razor blades and their minds were sharper still

For a ninja is a person who is trained from birth to kill

But then the dream got really weird and the ninjas began to sing

In perfect 4 part harmony, songs from “The Lion King”

Then all of a sudden I was at the dentist and my teeth were being cleaned

And I didn’t have dental insurance so I had to pay them with sardines

But when I walked out of the dentist, I realized I was at the zoo

I was sitting in the front row watching a performing kangaroo

And then a ninja jumped out of the kangaroo’s pouch and we began to fight!

He punched at me and I kicked at him and I fought with all my might!

And then I woke up sweating all tangled in the covers

I had one of my pillows in a head lock and had ripped apart the other

I dreamed a dream of ninjas and my linens paid the price

I wonder why our minds freak out when we go to sleep at night?

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