Friday, September 18, 2009

Hank Maximum: Healing Powers

As Hank crashed to the floor, MacCorkill stood over him and said, "I will find the Loch Ness monster and I will finally be able to clone its cells for their healing powers." Hank was woozy, but still conscious. He tried to steady himself and comprehend what McCorkill was saying. "Imagine it," McCorkill said, "A creature that has existed for thousands of years in a very limited and small eco-system. This creature must have amazing regenerative traits that allows it to heal itself over the years. If I can harness that ability, refine it, and make it work for humans, I will be the most powerful man in the world!"

I've got to stop him! Hank thought. Hank tried to stand, but the drugs coursing through his system caused his muscles to fail. Hank fell to the ground hard. McCorkill motioned to a few guards. They came over and picked Hank up. "Take him to a holding cell," McCorkill said.

The guards dragged Hank out of the nerve center of the underground station and down a hall way. They came to an elevator and got in. Hank was lucid enough to see them press the button for sub-level 8. Hank felt the elevator car jerk as they began to descend even further underground. When the elevator came to a halt, the guards dragged Hank into what appeared to be a prison level. They brought him to the first cell in a row of 3 and tossed him in.

Hank, weak from the drugs and the dog attack, passed out on the floor. When he awoke, what felt like hours later, he heard a voice. It was very small and sounded far away at first. But as Hank's eyes cleared, the voice began to get louder and more clear. "Hello over there?" it said. "Are you okay?"

Hank pushed himself up on one elbow. He looked through the bars into the cell across the hall. Hank thought his mind was playing tricks on him. It can't be, Hank thought. There, sitting in the cell opposite him, was...

1. The man in black from his dream

2. The curious cab driver

3. The receptionist from Prague

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