Friday, September 4, 2009

Hank Maximum: The Underground Staircase

Hank hesitated for a moment. This could be a trap, he thought. But then again, my mission details did send me here. Hank stepped into the tool shed and found a spiral staircase leading underground. Hank quickly descended the stairs and soon found himself in what appeared to be a scientific research center, full of people and monitors.

"Mr. Maximum," MacCorkill said, gesturing at the banks of computers and machinery. "Welcome to my office."

"What is it that you do?" Hank asked, still favoring his dog bitten arm.

MacCorkill motioned to Hank and someone brought over a first aid kit and began to work on Hank's arm. "This is where we observe any activity our scopes pick up," he said. "From here, we can detect the smallest movement or sound or change in thermal density."

"What are you observing?" Hank asked as a bandage was applied to his arm. "What are you trying to detect?"

"Do you know the Scottish word for 'lake' Mr. Maximum?" MacCorkill asked.

"It's 'loch' I believe," Hank replied, still a bit puzzled. "You're observing a lake? I didn't see any lakes around here."

"This is a remote listening station," MacCorkill replied. "The loch we're observing is kilometers away in the Highlands."

Hank froze. The dog attack had frazzled his mind, but all the pieces were starting to fall into place. Scotland, lake, observation post, the Highlands. "No..." Hank whispered to himself. He looked up to see MacCorkill staring at him. It was obvious that MacCorkill realized that Hank had figured it out.

"Yes Mr. Maximum," he said. "We have several underwater detection devices in Loch Ness. And now that I have recently purchased a new experimental microchip from an associate of mine in Prague, I anticipate that success will soon be within my grasp."

Hank's mind was reeling. MacCorkill was the one on the tape! Hank thought. He bought the microchip from Stavich and now he's using it in Loch Ness to try to find the Loch Ness monster! All of a sudden Hank remembered his dream in which the mysterious man in black had said, "Don't let them find it!" Hank tried to stand, but found his vision was blurring and his legs felt numb. The first aid! Hank realized that the person giving him first aid had applied a drug patch to his arm. As Hank crashed to the floor, MacCorkill stood over him and said, "I will find the Loch Ness monster and I will finally be able to..."

1. Clone its cells for their healing powers

2. Add its head to my collection of rare animals

3. Rid the world of a monster

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