Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cave Man Self Tech Support

Hi, my name Grunk Dakthor. Me the President and CEO of CMSTS (Cave Man Self Tech Support). Me develop the CMSTS System for people like you, hard working Caveman and Cavewoman. If you like me, computer be very frustrating. Freezing screens, viruses, slow down load times; these cause stress while trying to operate computational machine.

And what options you have to fix computer box? You could throw it away and get new one, but that be expensive. You could have kid nephew come over to try and fix it but he always busy with friends and part time job at Dino-Burger. You could take computer to high price computer repair place.

Or you could use Cave Man Self Tech Support System. CMSTS easy to do. Here some techniques:

Two Fist Keyboard Slam- make two fists, bring fists up over head, use slamming motion and slam fists down on keyboard over and over and over

Mouse Rip- grab mouse at base, get you good grip, use strong jerk and rip from computer

Tower Throw- unplug tower, pick up tower and lift to shoulder, rotate you upper body to throw tower far away

Monitor Smash- unplug monitor, lift monitor above head, smash down on ground with big amount of force

Personal favorite of Grunk is combo of techniques. Me like do Mouse Rip then Two Fist Keyboard Slam. Then Grunk do Tower Throw and then do Monitor Smash on top of tower. If you do what Grunk say, you computer box will work again fast.

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