Friday, August 28, 2009

Hank Maximum: Attack of the Dogs

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As Hank surfaced from his roll, he assumed his karate stance and found himself facing a giant of a man. "Who are you?" Hank demanded.

Instead of answering Hank's question, the huge assailant called out, "I've found him! Release the dogs!" Hank froze, not knowing what to do.

I'm a really good karate man, Hank thought, But I've never done karate against dogs before! As Hank's mind raced to think of what to do, three large German shepherds burst around the corner of the house and into the backyard. They charged towards Hank, teeth bared and mouths foaming.

The first dog leapt for Hank's face, ready to rip him to pieces. Hank reacted instinctively. He grabbed the dog's front paws, and in one whirling motion, spun and threw the dog straight at the large man who had thrown the gnome at Hank. The dog hit the man square in the face and both fell to the ground in a mix of yelps and grunts. However, in the time it took Hank to throw the first dog, the other two had closed the distance to Hank. One of them bit down on his pant leg and jerked his feet out from under him. The other would have had Hank's throat in its jaws, but Hank had put up his forearm just in time to save his neck. The dog have a vise like grip on Hank's arm and was not letting go.

I'm done for, Hank thought as he lay on the ground, fighting off the dogs. But no sooner than the dogs had knocked Hank to the ground, the sharp blast of a whistle drew them off. THWEEEEEE! Hank looked up and saw another man standing next to his original attacker. The smaller man said, "Take the dogs back inside. I'll deal with our visitor." As the giant escorted the three dogs back to the front of the house, the newcomer walked over to Hank and offered him a hand up. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding Mr. Maximum. We thought you were someone else."

"Who are you?" Hank said, still trying to make sense of what was going on. Hank brushed himself off and gently touched his bleeding forearm. Something about this man was familiar, but Hank couldn't quite place it.

"My name is Mr. MacCorkill," the man said. "We'll get you patched up once we get you inside." Hank, hearing about getting patched up inside, walked towards the backdoor of the house. "Oh, we're not going in there," MacCorkill said. "Please follow me." MacCorkill walked to the back corner of the backyard to a small tool shed. He opened the door and turned to Hank. "This way please," he said, and ducked inside.

Hank hesitated for a moment. This could be a trap, he thought. But then again, my mission details did send me here. Hank stepped into the tool shed and found...

1. An ordinary looking tool shed

2. A spiral staircase leading underground

3. A gun pointed in his face

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