Monday, August 10, 2009

Filthy Rich

Have you ever heard of someone being “filthy rich”. This makes no sense to me. It would seem that people who have loads of money could, at the very least, afford to purchase the sanitation supplies and/or equipment to be hygienically clean rich. And most people who fall into the “filthy rich” category could most likely afford to hire a cleaning crew to ensure that the aforementioned filth wasn’t a problem. I know that there are services which provide people to clean and maintain landscaping and home exteriors. There are also services which provide care for everything on the interior of a house: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, even pet grooming.

But what about the problem of filth being all over these rich people? Are there services to handle that? And if so, what do they cost? What is the going rate to have someone come over and brush your teeth for you? Or remove the earwax from your ears?

But perhaps the most pressing question in this whole dilemma is not how to remove the filth from the rich people but where is this filth coming from in the first place? Are rich folks going swimming in the sewers? Are they rolling around in compost piles? Are they wrestling entire herds of skunks? If anyone knows the answer, please tell me!

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