Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mafia Advice Column with Joey Blambino

The DMT would like to introduce its latest feature: the Mafia Advice Column with Joey "Blah Blah" Blambino.

Joey Blambino holds a degree from the School of Hard Knocks, is a member of the PTA at his daughter's school, and is an all around wiseguy. Joey's years as a respected mob enforcer have given him a unique perspective on life. In his column, Joey shares his one-of-a-kind advice on everything from raising children to financial strategy to breaking kneecaps.

Dear Joey,

My son Quincy won't do his chores. His mother and I have tried everything. We've taken away his GameBoy and even grounded him. But he still won't do his chores. He just comes home from school everyday and plops down on the couch with his nose in a book. I'm glad he enjoys reading, but he needs to learn responsibility too. What can I do?

Frustrated Father


Sounds to me like you got a punk kid what needs to learn some manners. You should do what my old man did for me: a good smack upside the head! After a few of those, Quincy will go from a bookworm to your own personal butler. Fuggedaboutit!


To get Joey's advice on your problems, email him at: joeyblambino@gmail.com

I know some of you are thinking that the email address is fake. Why don't you try it and find out?

Legal Copy:
All advice given in the Mafia Advice Column is for entertainment purposes only. Do not actually do what Joey says or you'll probably go to jail.


  1. Tommy "Two-Time" loves to read Joey's advice, read Joey's advice.

  2. we have a problem, we emailed it to Joey - hope he can help us!