Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dime

We're taught from a young age that size matters. If you have an ice cream cone with 2 scoops and your buddy has an ice cream cone with 3 scoops, you want his ice cream cone. Bigger is better. It's a fact that is almost universal. But not when it comes to coins.

One would think, based on years of learning, that the smallest coin is worth the least and the biggest coin is worth the most. And it almost is...except for the dime. The dime, that platypus of coinage, throws off everything we think we know about coins. By all rational reasoning, it should be, from least valuable to most: dime, penny, nickel, quarter, fifty cent piece. But no, the dime had to go and mess with all our heads and be more valuable than it's larger cousin the penny.

And once you throw out logic, why stop there? Because of the dime's complete disregard for the laws of nature, we also have the dollar coin that's smaller than the fifty cent piece. What if we applied this reasoning to other aspects of life? We'd have 1 room grass huts worth more that 300,000 sq foot houses. We'd have a skateboard worth more than a limo. So, for the sake of all that's sane and good in this world, please, somebody, make this grievous injustice right and make all coins value be based on their sizes!


  1. Should the dime be twice the size of the nickel since it has twice the value.

  2. Does this mean you think fat people are more valuable than skinny people? Tall people better than short people? Adults trump babies? I think your logic is quite flawed.