Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soothing Sounds of Technology

We've all heard those "soothing sounds of nature" tapes or CD's. But for many people who have grown up in an increasingly urban/electronic age, those sounds might not convey the same relaxing thoughts as to previous generations. For some, the unfamiliar sounds of rustling leaves in the forest might conjure a nightmare of a bear attack instead of melting away the cares of the day.

Taking that into consideration, the good folks at Electronics Are the Coolest Industries have developed the "Soothing Sounds of Technology" relaxation tapes (the tapes are largely available for the sake of nostalgia as the vast majority of people just download the MP3's). Tracks from the "Soothing Sounds of Technology" include:

1. "Relaxing Dial-Up Modem"- relax as the beeps and boops, screeches and static of the rustic 56K Modem lull you to sleep

2. "Microwave White Noise"- feel the stress fall away as the soft hum of the microwave soothes body and mind

3. "Cell Phone on Vibrate Sitting on the Counter"- let the rhythmic buzz of a hard plastic cell phone rattling against a sound amplifying counter top slowly hypnotize you

4. "TV in the Other Room"- as the muffled voices and sound effects from shows and commercials come from your speakers, you'll swear someone was watching TV in the other room, just like in the good old days


  1. Nice. I also remember a certain sound from my childhood. My brother trying to get a nintendo game to work. Ten minutes of pounding, grunting, and obsurdly loud blowing into the cartridge and the machine itself.

    Finally after much anticipation...ding, ding, ding...ding, ding, ding...Mike Tyson is going down tonight!

  2. I could definitely fall asleep to the hum of a microwave. It's probably because it reminds me of food, and food makes me happy. Sleep also makes me happy. So it would be a way to finally combine sleeping and eating.

  3. People are never satisfied---the hum of a simple fan just isn't high tech enough! Always want something better, right? Love your suggestions for a solid night's sleep- but fortunately don't need 'em...... just a dark, quiet room; comfortable bed and a latex pillow will do it! If I had to pick one, it would be "TV in the other room" CD

  4. My favorites are the "banging of an unbalanced load in the washing machine of the washing machine" and "soothing whir of the dish washer... that one comes in a double pack in the large appliance category.

    When technology becomes really advanced, perhaps they can have alarm clocks that wake you up with the feeling of a cat sitting on your face or a child hitting you in the eye with a toy car like mine do.

  5. Those were great! My favorite is the cell phone on vibrate.