Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zombies at the Prom

Everybody listen up, email your dad and call you mom
For first time ever, there will be zombies at the prom

They've promised to behave themselves; they said they will refrain

From attacking anybody and from eating any brains

The "No Zombies" rule was overturned by the mayor of the city

After weeks of protests by the Zombies Rights Committee

One zombie girl, when interviewed, was reported to have said,

"I haven't been this excited since I became undead!"

The pressure's on for zombie boys, who now must ask a date

But if they wait to long to ask a girl, they just might be too late

"I think it will be really cool," said the human boy Joe Miller

"I even heard that there's a chance they'll do the dance from 'Thriller'!"

No matter what happens, it will mostly likely be "the Bomb"

Because for the first time ever, there will be zombies at the prom


  1. U have really out done yourself with this one.

  2. I knew zombies loved the mall, but who knew they would enjoy a prom? They enjoy the idea of attending prom so much that they called upon the ZRC to protest and they have agreed to refrain from attacking the children or eating any brains. And we know that goes completely against the zombie code. Good for them!

    "If I can change, and you can change, everyone can change!" (Rocky IV)

  3. Maybe the Zombie Committee at the school can arrnage for the Grateful Dead to perform!!! Then everybody there would represent a BLAST FROM THE PAST!