Monday, July 27, 2009

Nice Guys Finish Last

I'm sure you've all heard that nice guys finish last. And it's true. If you are nice and you are a guy, then you will finish last. Mean guys will finish ahead of nice guys. Also, all girls and/or women will finish ahead of guys who are nice.

For instance, if a nice guy is standing in the check out line at the grocery store and an old lady comes up, he will do the nice guy thing and let her go ahead of him. But where does that place him in line? Last.

So, it's pretty much hopeless for the nice guys, right? Wrong. The trick for nice guys is to find a girl to associate themselves with. If a nice guy is dating/married to a girl, then, by association, he will finish wherever she finishes. Let's revisit our grocery store example, but this time, our nice guy is with his girlfriend in line. The old lady walks up, but this time, the nice guy doesn't have to let her cut in line, because his girlfriend is already in line in front of him. Therefore, because the nice guy has another female with him, the old lady female is cancelled out and the nice guy does not have go to the back of the line. When a nice guy ceases being a him and becomes half of a them, he will no longer suffer under the "nice guys finish last" curse.

Of course, the other way for guys to avoid being last is to just be mean. So, the choice for guys who do not want to finish last is either get a girlfriend or be a jerk to old ladies.

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  1. I understand the example, but I, as a nice guy, always go by the "grocery load" rule. I don't even see the person behind me as an old lady, a boy who was tragically left home alone by his parents, or a misguided chimpanzee. It is all about the grocery load. If I have two things, and someone comes up with 10 things, I'm first. End of story.