Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Form Fiction Friday's

Welcome to Free Form Fiction Friday’s! On FFFF, I will post part of a story. The story ends with a choice that you, the readers, must make. Vote on what you want to happen next on the right side of the page. You will have until Tuesday night at midnight to cast your vote. Which ever option gets the most votes will be what happens next. The name of the story is “Hank Maximum: Man of Dangerous Mysteries”. Enjoy.

Hank adjusted his disguise as he looked in the mirror. He was wearing a uniform for a local delivery company. Dark blue shorts and a matching shirt were complimented by a dark blue hat with the company logo, an envelope with wings. His glasses, fake moustache, and clipboard completed his disguise.

As Hank traveled towards the warehouse he thought to himself, “It sure would be nice if I could enjoy Prague while I’m here instead of constantly looking over my shoulder.”

Hank’s mission was to recover an experimental microchip that had been stolen from a supposedly top secret CIA research facility. The fact that the microchip had been stolen could mean only one thing: the secret was out.

Hank had tracked the microchip to Prague where he learned that a local thug named Stavich had purchased the microchip on the black market. Hank had “convinced” some local low-lifes to tell him where the warehouse was and was headed there now.

After arriving at the warehouse, Hank walked into the front door, fake package in hand. He approached the receptionist and said, “I’ve got a delivery for Mr. Stavich.”
The receptionist, an attractive woman with striking black eyes, looked up and said…

1. “Wait here, I will go get him.”

2. “Hello Hank. It’s been a long time.”

3. “We’ve been expecting you.”

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  1. 4. "About time! I really need to get to the bank during my lunch break!" (grabs purse and keys and runs out the door)