Friday, July 17, 2009

Hank Maximum: We've Been Expecting You

Thanks to everyone (all 14 of you) who voted on last week's FFFF! Here's the next installment of Hank Maximum: Man of Dangerous Mysteries. Don't forget to vote for what should happen next week in the side bar!

After arriving at the warehouse, Hank walked into the front door, fake package in hand. He approached the receptionist and said, “I’ve got a delivery for Mr. Stavich.”

The receptionist, an attractive woman with striking black eyes, looked up and said, "We've been expecting you. And I must say, Mr. Maximum, that is just a terrible disguise."

"Well," Hank said, removing his fake moustache with a quick swipe, "I see we can dispense with the pleasantries."

The receptionist quickly reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a large hand gun. But before she could get a shot off, Hank sprang into action. He leapt over the desk and karate kicked the gun out of her hand, knocking her backwards. "Now," Hank said, straightening his shirt, "I don't like being tough with women, but you gave me no chURGHH!" The end of Hank's sentence was cut off as the woman, who had picked up a heavy metal stapler off of her desk, swung it with all her force and connected with Hank's jaw. Hank spun around, but kept his feet, and was able to dodge the second blow that would most likely have knocked him out.

As Hank dropped into a karate stance, the woman realized that she was no match for him. She dropped the stapler and reached underneath her desk again. But instead of pulling out another gun, she pressed a small button hidden next to the top drawer. An alarm began to sound. RHOOOT! RHOOOT! RHOOOT! She smiled at Hank and said, "You think you're so tough? We'll see how you handle three heavily armed guards!" As she spoke, three very large men with assault rifles burst into the room. Thinking quickly, Hank...

1. Attacked the first guard with a flying kung fu chop.

2. Grabbed the receptionist as a hostage and told the guards to drop their weapons.

3. Dove behind the desk for the gun he had kicked away from the receptionist.

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  1. I think there should be a poll as to who the wax figure of Dr. Phil looks like, cause it sure ain't Dr. Phil. And whoever it looks like doesn't look naturally bald. It looks like an SNL type wig. But whatever it is, it looks familiar.