Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tim the Urban Panda

Tim the Urban Panda lives in a loft downtown
He digs the bright city lights, he digs those city sounds

He doesn’t own a car, he uses public transportation

Like the bus or the subway, to reach his destination

Tim the Urban Panda doesn’t have a wife

He doesn’t have a girlfriend, he is alone in life

He works for a small publisher, printing direct mail flyers

He used be a paralegal but last summer he got fired

Tim the Urban Panda has a laptop PC

His TV is a flat screen, he likes to play the Wii

He met a girl this morning, he wants to ask her out

But besides “What’s it like being a panda?” there’s not much to talk about

Tim the Urban Panda likes jazz and R & B

But when it comes to hip hop he says, "Nah, it's not for me."

He reads comics books and cereal boxes, he can't live without espresso

And if you ask him if he's an omnivore he'll say, "I don't know. I guess so."

Tim the Urban Panda you inspire us one and all

With your quiet self assurance and your skills at racquetball

You make us want to discover our secret strength within

So Tim the Urban Panda, here's to you my friend!

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