Monday, July 6, 2009

Language Arts

Why is it that when we teach little kids what sounds animals make, we only teach them certain ones? Dogs and cats are always popular. The whole barnyard/farm animal crew is in there too. Some of the wild animals and jungle animals also are in the mix. But why are some animals' sounds not taught to our kids? Why is it that an elephant noise is important for kids to know, but not a giraffe? Most kids can tell you that the cow says "Moooo", but can they tell you what an octopus says? I don't think so. Language skills are becoming more and more important, especially if you want your kids to be able to be competitive in today's job market. I want my kids to be able to carry on a conversation with all the animals, not just the "social elite" whose language is normally taught.

If you agree with me on this, please contact your local Congressman and ask him/her to support the "Non-Human Language Communication Education Fairness Initiative" bill that will be on the ballot this fall. As our friends the ants say, "Kwict flakt, gweetr vinit!"


  1. Ah yes, the NHLCEFI. Of course. Now I can ensure that my son will fluently speak ferret, tarantula, komodo dragon, wombat, and zebra. Thanks for the info. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. this is your Mom speaking..... do you mean to tell me that you were perhaps misled, uneducated and not linguistically challenged while under our tuteledge? just because we left a few animals out???? what about the Newt in that puzzle, I'm just sure we discussed its language with you and all of its various sounds....please say you remember that or I won't be able to sleep tonight!!!! :)

  3. Actually giraffes are not able to make vocal sounds. You see, a giraffe has no larynx.